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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Welcome to the Quemazon Montessori blog. This will be your best method for receiving the most up-to-date information while we navigate through potential closures, day-to-day information during the COVID-19 outbreak.

If any of you know me I swore I would never, ever develop a web site or participate in social media (I can hear the staff laughing hysterically now), but here I am so let's make the best of it! Our website and this blog will be a work in progress, so please excuse me as this (somewhat) "Boomer" stumbles through the technology. I'll be adding features when time permits.

You'll notice that we now have a contact email, it is I will manage this email for now, it will not be managed by the office. Please keep in mind that the best way to communicate is still face-to-face with your child's teacher or with Edith, our Director. Please leave voicemail if your child is going to be absent and do not email. Edith and the teachers check the phone every morning and adjust staff accordingly. Let's leave the email for essential communication for the time being.

We are scheduled to be open on Monday, March 16. We will operate on a day-to-day basis at this point and base our decision to be open on the following considerations:

  • If/when a case of COVID-19 is reported in Los Alamos.

  • If we are mandated to close by a State authority.

  • Staff levels — we must maintain safe and reasonable staff to child ratios. Some of our staff members have children and need to be home to take care of their kids since their children are not attending school. Also, we have a few staff member that are considered at high risk and may not be able to work at some point to preserve their health.

  • Supplies— Generally, we are always well-stocked with supplies. However, we are currently not able to order toilet paper and a few other items because everything is out of stock. Once these items are depleted, we will not remain open. No TP, no gloves for diaper changes ... no way!

Many thanks to the parents who made sure that their tuition was paid on Friday! Rest assured that we will take care of the staff and/or provide the resources to ensure that they are paid if there is a closure. This isn't our first closure rodeo! In 2010 we were closed due to a gas explosion. A car hit the front of the school and severed the gas meter. Luckily no one was injured, but it was devastating at the time - we had to move all of the children out of the main building to another location and re-build the school. It felt overwhelming, just like this event, but it passed. The school community grew closer, everyone rose to the occasion, and the kids weathered the event with resilience. I believe this was the case because the parents and staff weathered the event with resilience and calm. As we move through the pandemic as a community let's be hopeful, resilient and kind. Here is a link to a good article about talking with your kids about COVID-19,

Thanks to our wonderful staff for their dedication and caring for the children!

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