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Updates and Resources for Parents

Good Morning QM Families! Checking-in to say "hello" and provide some resources for parents while you are at home with your children in this unprecedented time.


Since information is unfolding on a daily basis, we have not made the decision whether we will remain closed beyond our March 27 Spring Break.

Currently the guidance we have available from the State of NM is —

"At this time, the State is NOT directing child care providers (either home-or center-based) to close. We are encouraging programs to stay open if possible so that working families will have access to child care programs. Families are also NOT required to attend child care (even those families who are in the Child Care Assistance Program) during this emergency period."

This decision will be made later in the week as the situation evolves. We will involve staff and parents, as best we can, in the process. Please feel free to communicate via email or log in and add your thoughts via the blog. An open, constructive, solution-oriented, conversation will be meaningful.

Take care & stay healthy!



I've gathered some resources for parents, to hopefully assist during the closure:

Home with Your Kids? Writers Want to Help

Veteran home-schoolers share tips for parents during coronavirus closures

Parentivity is a web-based system that provides 24/7 customized information for caregivers of children from birth to age five. Parentivity includes 2-3-minute learning experiences in the form of interactive games, videos, and research-based resources. The system is designed for all families and covers topics such as health and safety, prenatal care, early literacy, nutrition, child care, safe sleep, fatherhood, and much more. Parentivity is accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

New Mexico’s families may obtain their free Parentivity account at

How to Talk to your Kids about Coronavirus (and links to additional resources)

Coronavirus and Parenting: What You Need to Know Now

Parents Need Stress Relief Too

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Thank you for the resources, Tammy. Could we get a copy of the daily schedule? I don't keep that information at home, but at work. I appreciate the communication. Of course having care would make working from home much more practical, but I couldn't guarantee using care full time. I am fully aware this does not help you plan for needed staff, though.

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